Your Life In Photos: Milestones That Should Be Captured On Camera

Life indeed passes by so fast. In between a sunrise and sunset, a new life could begin inside you, a new chapter in your book could start and a goal that you worked hard for so long could finally be achieved. And because the naked eye and the brain can only take in so much memory to remember for a lifetime, the only other way to immortalise these important milestones in your life is through photographs.

Since the birth of the camera, a lot of people have already made it a point to document most, if not all of their life's most important moments. These two milestones, however, are sure to top the list of must-capture events through photos:

The Beginning of Forever

A wedding, no matter how simple or extravagant, is always worthy of being documented through beautiful photographs. In a world where not a lot of people find their one true love, getting the chance to walk down that aisle and promise forever to the person who captured your heart is definitely something that should be captured and immortalised in photos. We're not talking about using your regular point-and-shoot here; instead, we're talking about hiring professional photographers who can capture your first kiss, first dance and all the other sweet moments during your wedding. Here are some companies that we highly recommend you to check out:

  • Catch A Star wedding photography - has more than 20 years of experience in both photography and video production, and can assure you of stunning images, whatever your project or event may be.
  • The Photobooth Co in Australia - is dependable photo booth hire service provider offering a variety of packages to best suit the needs of your events.
  • - the specialist in stunning wedding photography and video packages in Sydney and NSW.
  • - are Melbourne-based experts in relaxed and intimate wedding photography. Explore their portfolio to find gorgeous samples of their works.
  • Kiss and Tell photobooths - offers quality photobooth packages with features that are useful for any occasion.
  • wedding videography from Cine Styles in Melbourne - specialises in quality videography services for weddings and corporate events.
  • To add variety to your photos and to make your wedding more fun and unforgettable to guests, hire a photobooth where your guests can ham it up for the camera while wearing funky props.

    The Start of a New Life

    What could be more exciting than hearing the news that you're having a baby? Pregnancy is one of the most special moments as a couple simply because it will turn you from partners to parents. And let's face it; seeing your belly bump grow as you count the days to your date with the lark definitely adds more excitement. So, if you want to document this special time in your life, book a pregnancy photography session in Perth by Archer Imagery.

    Of course, you also have the important milestones in your career, specifically your business achievements, if you're an entrepreneur. Whether it's a product launch, a store opening or a corporate event, nobody captures these functions better than Paramount web video production experts.

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