Make This Year's Family Reunion A Success With These Simple Ideas

You have been duly assigned by the members of your clan to host your family's social gathering for the year. Now with one month into the scheduled date, you are already cramming for ideas. And sadly, the imaginary light bulb floating above your head has not flickered on yet. Well, turn that frown into a smile because you are going to learn about the different ideas of how to make the special gathering a success today.

Instead of the usual sit-down dinner plus a variety show, consider these ideas as you plan and organise your family reunion.

Photo Booth

Reunions are the only times wherein families are reunited. A time when cousins meet again, new in-laws are introduced, and brothers and sisters catch up. And this because this usually happens only once a year for most families, members would like to take pictures of each other to serve as keepsakes until the next gathering. So with that in mind, rent a photo booth. It will provide an opportunity for loved ones to get instant prints with their favourite cousins or their grandparents. You can even include a pictorial session in the programme and make it a contest. The wackiest group picture will win a price. It will be a fun way to relax tension and especially between people who just met for the first time.


Are you wondering how to get your rather strict aunt to join in the fun? Well, put on a karaoke party and everybody would probably want to sing. And who would not? It is fun and entertaining even for the oldies. Just put on a wide selection of multi-generational sing-along songs on your DVD player and Grand mum down to the little junior will probably play tug-of-war over the microphone for a shot at singing. To make it more interesting, you can secretly record the singing session using a video recording device or a cctv camera and look for funny snippets, copy the footage, and add them to your family scrap book or memorabilia. You can include a prize for the one who has the craziest move on the ?stage.?


Let us not forget the safety of your clan during the event. Whether it is a whole day affair or not, it is important your entire family are secured. A cctv system can work best in providing a second eye to look over the kids or the senior adults while the rest are enjoying. Reunions are big events that it can be hard to keep track of who is the gate crasher or not.

If you are worried about the Data Protection Act regarding the use of a CCTV camera, then you might want to read the information found on the Information Commissioner's Office.

Autograph Shirts

T-shirt printing can be a fun activity for the kids. Print the names of your family, the venue and the date of when it will take place. Then distribute several permanent markers and have members write messages including their names on each other's shirts. They can even serve as a reunion keepsake for each member.

With only short amount of time, these ideas can help make your event a success.

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