Hiring A Photo Booth For Your Party: Tricks To Get Great Shots

These days, the party essentials, such as entertainment and giveaways are not anymore limited to typical types. Giveaways for trade shows, product launchings, and even family and corporate parties may now be made of unique yet useful items, such as Scandinavian home décor and even personalised gift items with photos. This may be why hiring photo booths are now increasingly becoming a popular and fun attraction to have in events or parties.

If you are interested in hiring a photo booth for your party, here are some tips to get the best images from it:

Put the Booth in the Best Location

Where you place your photo booth matters. You must place your photo booth in an area that is visible to many people. The more visible it is, the better. If your guests can't see it, what's the point of providing this entertaining attraction?

Keep your booth closer to the bar or somewhere near the dance floor (if you have one) or near your trade show booth. Just make sure that it is not in the way of anything else; but still clearly visible to anyone. Be sure also to provide enough or ample space within its surrounding area so people can line up comfortably while waiting for their turn.

Provide a Wide Variety of Props

When it comes to props, the more variety, the merrier since nothing can bring the goofiest or wackiest personality out of your guests than the most laugh-out-loud props. Colourful wigs, big sunglasses, feather boas, and goofy hats are some of the typical photo booth props. Although these are great props, consider also providing your own materials, especially those that relate to your event. For example, if the photo booth is for your product launching, consider bringing some wacky representations of your new products or even your company's old products.

For your wedding, bring props that best represents you as a couple like items that greatly signify your love story. Providing your own props will make sure that the images from your photo booth will be more personalised and special. And in the case of the photo booth pictures of your product launch, they will be more fun, unique, and memorable than the typical product launch pictures, which are often formal and boring. Moreover, this is an excellent branding and promotional opportunity for your company and products.

Don’t Just Pose, Tell a Story

Encourage your guests to be silly and take out their inner “wacky-ness”. While random poses can still be lots of fun, but the best photo booth shots are usually those where your eyes are drawn into some action and lead you through the photos as you follow a “storyline”. Make sure that you have a friendly and personable photo booth attendant who can direct your guests and give them a concept or storyline that your guests can follow. And your attendant can capture the right poses at the right time, thus ensuring that the best images are taken.

The entertainment for your party along with the giveaways, are important to your event's success. So, make sure to provide great, fun, and unique ideas for your entertainment and gifts, such as Scandinavian home décor and a photo booth.

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