What to do next?
 Rent or hire party photo booth

    • Once you have decided that you would like a Photo booth at your event, drop us a quick email to check our availability and advise us of the venue. We will then inform you of our availability and provide a quotation.

    • If a Photo booth is available on that date we will reserve it for 7 days for you while you check with the venue on space and location availability for the Photo booth. 

    • Our Fun booth 1.1M wide, 2.2M long and 2.0 M high. The Party Booth is 1.5M wide and marginally shorter. Additionally we need space for a small table at one end of the Photo booth for props.

    • The Photo booth will arrive disassembled so access should not be a problem.

    • It is best located against a wall and will need a regular electrical socket fairly close by. 

    • While discussing location, it is best located in the same room as the event, we appreciate that this is not always convenient and an adjacent room will also work, once we ask the DJ to make a few announcements your guests will soon figure out what’s going on.

    • If all else fails we can provide a small marquee and set it up outside a patio door adjacent to the room. 

    • Once you are satisfied that the venue can accommodate a Photo booth you can go ahead and fill out the order form.

    • One more item to consider; - we would require a contact on the evening that we could call to iron out any problems that may occur.


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